Speed of Construction

Robo Acotec Wall is an idea developed to facilitate a 7 times faster* and hassle-free building process for construction of residential, industrial, commercial and institutional projects.

Low Wastages

Robo Acotec Walls are pre cut to specific sizes that can go well with all types of designs and schedules. This will largely minimize wastages at site.

Industrial Quality Finish

Robo Acotec Walls gives maximum savings in plastering and finishing since the panel has an impressive surface finish.

Easy Site Management

Robo Acotec Walls give less messy and traffic. Hence it creates cleaner sites and better site management.

Time Efficiency

Robomatic wall panels can speed up project duration and as a result, save in construction time and cost.

Single Point of Contact

Robomatic manufactures, supplies, installs and hands over a finished wall which reduces the burden of the customer to manage multiple agencies.

Environmental Friendly

Robo Acotec Wall is an environmentally safe and recyclable product.

*Considering conventional brick work, plastering and curing timeline

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